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The Adventures in Branding podcast is here to inspire you to find your brand magic. From business brand to personal brand, these Clusters of Awesomeness will talk you through about the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a human. Get ready to make the impact you were born to rock. Follow me, Melanie Spring, and my collection of hardcore co-hosts around the world as we share our experiences on the road of branding. The twists, the turns & everything in between - building businesses and living the adventures. This is the podcast for kickass humans who crave change, push limits, and light fires. Melanie is your Chief Inspiration Officer & it’s her job to spark the magic.
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Jun 28, 2016
When Isang sent in a cartoon for his application video, we knew he fit Sisarina’s core values to the T. From the day he walked in the door, he’s been innovating and jumped in as our social strategist taking on the Sisarina brand voice like it was his own. Isang tells us about being embarrassed about who he really was, how learning how to listen by almost kissing his teacher was a turning point, and how Apple doesn’t sell you technology. This self-proclaimed hipster nerd wears floral shirts and kickass shoes while also learning how to focus in order to show off who he was really meant to be. In this episode, you’ll find out how to embrace your inner nerd and find a place to work that fits you instead of just a job.
Jun 21, 2016
When Cheney Williams applied with an infomercial instead of a resume, we were busting up laughing. Now we get to keep her forever (insert evil laugh). She’s Sisarina’s Girl Friday and my own personal assistant and her job is to keep me laughing on a daily basis. Cheney tells all about how her dad dressed up as a fairy princess, why I’m not really the boss of her, and even what she’s named her badass. This woman has heart, guts, and a fear of imperfection - and she’s not afraid to admit it. She’s learning how to overcome her fears and reminds you that it’s ok to mess up. In this episode, you’ll find out what keeps Cheney ticking, how she figured out her personal brand AND the grossest thing she (and I) have ever eaten.
Jun 14, 2016
The Sisarina Crew works hard AND plays hard - together. We talk and laugh so much that we have to schedule 3 hours of quiet time every day to get shit done in silence (We call it Sisa-Shh…). When I asked them to join me on the podcast as a team, they jumped at the chance to share their branding knowledge. Rebecca talks about how she’s beaten the bootstrappy label and found her dreams were bigger than she realized. Isang shares his feelings on what entry-level really means AND how much he hates wearing suits. Cheney admits to not being perfect, although we don’t really believe she’s not. In this episode, you’ll get a conversation about branding, what brand is and how you can find your own in your personal AND professional life. We promise you’ll want to come hang at Sisarina HQ with us.
Jun 7, 2016
When you show up as yourself, in your purpose, some people just can’t handle that. You were put here to do something no one else was put here to do. But what happens when you’re too much? Wearing your awesome can come with consequences - but who cares?! Jim Rohn says, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” Who are you spending your time with? Do you want to be the average of those people? Start making space for incredible people to help you show up even bigger. When you wear your awesome, you start manifesting the things you say. As for what you want, it will start showing up. Be careful what you think and what you focus on - because that’s what shows up - good or bad. In this episode, I’ll share the 5 things you can do to wear your awesome & manifest that shit. My hope for you is that you’re super freaking amazing. Go manifest THAT!